20. Oktober 2014

Get well soon

Bei diesem Wetter wird man ja sehr schnell Opfer von diversen Bakterien und Viren daher mal eine "Gute Besserung" Karte. Die weiße Blume ist aus einer IKEA Serviette gemacht und die kleine Blume aus einem Stück Stoff. Um ehrlich zu sein war das mal ein altes Küchenhandtuch. :)
Durch die Vellum-Tasche als Hintergrund ist das ganze auch zum Schütteln gemacht. 
Da so viele Materialien verwendet wurden eignet sich das prima bei der Anything goes Challenge bei Simon says stamp

It's fall time and it's time to get a cold very easy. So I made a get well soon card. The white flower is made out of a napkin and the red little one is made of old fabric. The vellum bag  contains sequins and can be used as a shaker card. Due to all these different media it is perfect for Simon says stamp Anything Goes Challenge

I hope you don't get ill. Otherwise you will get my card. :)


Andrea Ockey Parr hat gesagt…

I absolutely love this card you've made! How clever to use a napkin for the large white flower! I love the fabric, too, and the shaker part of the card is lovely. This would definitely cheer me up if I was sick and I think it's a really smart idea to have several "Get Well" cards on hand as the cold and flu season looms. Great inspiration and I'm so glad you shared this with us for this week's Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge!

Anna-Karin hat gesagt…

Such a pretty card! I love the flowers you made and the great colours. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog!